The stakes are high!

Aside from the all-important Presidential election, there are countless other candidates and issues for us to determine. In the face of critical issues like fighting systemic racism, the global COVID-19 pandemic, the environmental crisis, the economy, and the protection of basic human rights for vulnerable communities -- the need to take the time to truly understand what you’re voting for is on the forefront. 

With so many urgent and critical issues at the heart of the 2020 elections, we’re on an empathy building campaign to encourage all of us to Vote With Love!

The campaign is a sponsored initiative of The Ambassadors Circle, a diverse collective of creatives, changemakers and social entrepreneurs on a mission to do more good. 

We believe the votes we cast this year will significantly impact present and future generations. So at a time when frustration, fear and apathy is trying to rule the day, introducing heavy doses of empathy and LOVE into our votes is just what our country needs.