What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?

Love means different things to different people yet most would agree... it ain’t for the faint of heart. In fact, the kind of love we’re talking about takes courage, effort, empathy, patience and kindness. And when it comes to the next several elections, the stakes are high. The votes we cast this year will significantly impact present and future generations.

Vote With Love is a non-partisan campaign produced by a collective of artists, freelancers and social entrepreneurs on a mission to do more good. Our goal is to grow empathy and help voters prepare to cast a more thoughtful and informed vote.

Proceeds from purchased gear helps fund our efforts to promote the Vote With Love pledge, develop self-guided challenges, and provide support to volunteer hosts of small group conversations meant to build bridges and help us prepare for the vote.

To the best of our ability we pledge to utilize ethical and sustainable products.

Thank you for your support!